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setting fire to our insides for fun

to distract our hearts from ever missing them

hearts tied in windsor knots
4 November

sarah. xxiv. sentimental mess
living the backstage life, always.

stay close to anything that
makes you glad you’re alive.”

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<£, (alec+isabelle+jace)lightwood, (doctor+amy+rory+melody)pond, 5sos, 9x-7i > 3(3x-7u), accents, agent carter, alec lightwood, all variations of courfeyrac/enjolras/montparnasse, allison argent, amy pond, amy raudenfeld, anne boleyn, anthony hope's 1800s lottery, archery, attractive individuals in plaid, autumn, badminton, being a cat's favourite person, being a wallflower, being inept at stealth, ben whishaw laying on treetops, beverly katz, cap fam, coffin joe's promiscuous dancing, cora hale & lydia martin liking girls, dale cooper, dancing over hemispheres, das parfum, dean winchester's bisexuality, dichen lachman as black widow, dorian gray/alan campbell, drawing anguish, eliza schuyler, empires (band), empress elisabeth of austria, erzsébet báthory, evan skating in johnny's pants, excelling at failing beautifully, exquisite cheekbones, fiona gallagher, florence + the machine, foreign films, freckles, friday night lights, geeking out, ghost notes, godlike powers given as party favours, halloween, hamilton, hand hugs, hannibal (tv), harry potter, hayley atwell, heathers, helena bonham carter, hipsters in space, history, hocus pocus, horrific indulgent rubbish, house tyrell, how do you feel things quietly?, i am in truth yours pour la vie, i wondered if our ☆☆ were the same, i'm gonna pull time apart for you, i've built my life around you, iced coffee, imaginary numbers, impaling vampires with ice stakes, jessica huang, jhené aiko, joshua third's magical pointy shoes, julie andrews, julie d'aubigny, karen and the babes, kida nedakh, kieren walker, kissing, languages, left-handed darlings, les misérables, lgbtqia superheroes, love at first google, mad max: fury road, magnus bane, margaery tyrell, maria nikolaevna romanova, marie antoinette, marina and the diamonds, mary crawley, matthew daddario, matthew gray gubler, mcfly, mermaids, metaphorical hand holding, morticia addams, mrs. lovett, mythology, natalia romanova, naya rivera, new york city, nymeria sand, olympic event: mermaid swimming, painting white roses red, pamela isley, paper cranes, patrick wolf, peggy carter, peggy schuyler, peggy/nat, permets-tu ?, please abraham i'm not that man, psylocke, rey/finn/poe, rockstar physicists, romantic friendships, russell howard, sansa stark, santana lopez, sarava, scott mccall, shadowhunters, sleepy hollow, sporadic outbursts of laughter, stage managing, stargazing, sticky-note conversations, taika waititi, teen wolf (tv), the horrors, the spanish panic, the swing of your hips, theatre crushes, theon greyjoy, there's an app for that, thomas barrow, titanic, troye sivan, twin peaks, tyler posey, using people as pillows, vampires that recycle, veronica mars, wayward victorians, we were together. i forget the rest., when happy endings wasn't cancelled, will graham, witchery, you transfix me quite, young avengers